Updates - New Roles!

Hello All,

Thank you for being part of the KodeKloud Engineer commmunity!

This is an update about upcoming role changes in the KodeKloud Engineer platform. Until today we had 2 roles:

System Administrator: This is where you start as a new engineer. You get System administrator role assigned.
DevOps Engineer: Once you gain 25K points you get promoted to DevOps Engineer role where you get assigned DevOps related tasks such as Git, Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes etc.

We are introducing 2 additional roles:

Sr.DevOps Engineer: Once you reach 75K points, you will be promoted to Sr.DevOps Engineer role. At this role, you will continue to get assigned DevOps engineers tasks as of now. In the future, we will be adding cloud and CI/CD related tasks to this role.

DevOps Architect: Once you reach 150K points, you will be promoted to DevOps Architect role. (This is a correction to an earlier announcement we made where we said 125K points). At this role, you will get tasks to design and implement end-to-end DevOps solutions. Tasks for this role are expected to be available sometime in 2021. So once you are promoted you may be on the bench for a while. You will not get repeated tasks at this role. However, when new tasks are made available they will be assigned to you. You may continue to review and assist others on the platform.

We will be rolling out these changes next week.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Once again, thank you for being awesome KodeKloud Engineers! You guys rock!



What are the points and how to gain them ? What are the advantages of it ?

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Would have been even more fair and attractive when 50,000 points to become a Devops Engineer, a 100,000 to become a Snr DevOps Engineer, 150,000 to be promoted to DevOps Architect.

also tasks from Snr DevOps engineers should be different to the one assigns to DevOps Engineer.

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Like the leaderboard view… much improved then before :+1:


After this change, my rank is not correctly reflecting as per the experience points.

Same for me as well.

@mihsan @sathish2032

Do not worry about the rank as it will be automatically fixed in couple of hrs.

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Thanks @kleansoul
But in my case, it was almost two days.

Hello all, is there any way to get tasks every day instead of every second day?


I just checked the leaderboard and it seems to be correct now.


Thanks and it’s ok now

I am in support of this too.New tasks should be assigned as long as the previous is completed within deadline. I stay two days without task sometimes, think it’s slow

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I have a deficit of 50 points which is affecting my rank, at this moment my points are 2960 which should be 3010 instead.

Can somebody please help?

Ishan Agarwal

Sign-up for kodekloud engineer (https://kodekloud.com/p/kodekloud-engineer)
and do the assigned tasks on time :slight_smile:

@msgeek and @Pretty, about the reason why only 1 task per 2 days:

I’m guessing 2 reasons:

  1. These tasks take time to setup and validate, so if KK allowed us to start new task as soon as we are done previous one, a significant number of us would get to 75k points way before there would be new tasks and those subscribers would all be sitting there for months asking why there aren’t new tasks :grinning:

  2. Provisioning the infrastructure for each task: each task requires a container to run in the cloud for some amount of time, and if there are a 1000 users registered in kodekloud-engineering, it probably won’t work to provision resources at the current price of the subscription if everyone is allowed to go as fast as the tasks allow. So there might be a practical constraint like “for N subscriptions, with M machines that are capable of running X containers at any given time, thus using Y total CPU and Z total memory and therefore costing C dollars per day, and whereas we are charging D dollars for the subscription and only E percent of D goes towards infrastructure, then …calculation… and conclusion: we have to limit users to 1 task per 2 days”.


The points systems is not working correctly, for failed tasks no bonus points are being added in the overall score. I am in a deficit of almost 275 points now. I loved this platform and that’s why i am worried about those 275 points because I want to complete 25k points as soon as possible and then do the devops tasks.

Please have a look at it and fix it.


@ishuan89 I am not associated in any way with KodeKloud, let alone the points system, but bear in mind that points continually add up after you do each challenge. And that you’ll have done 50 to 100 challenges by the time your reach DevOps (eg took me 68 because I missed some deadlines and failed a few), and doing this takes 50 to 100 days. Most challenges are 300-1000 points, so right now you’ve “lost” (assuming you are correct) at most one exercise ie you’ve lost a day. Take a step back and ask yourself whether it is really worth stressing about this.

Meanwhile keep up the good work.


Rank is not correctly reflecting as per the experience points from the few days.

Even i have observed the same issue with ranking.
My points/experience [19005 ] are more than a few who are in top 100.

Some with lesser experience are in top 55. Please look into this.

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