WTF is up with the sound quality of this course?

I thought there would be some kind of complaint here already, and that somebody would already have responded something in the line of “we are working on it, I know it sounds bad”.

Am I the only one who thinks that the audio quality of this course is awful?

Hey @javier-ortiz-mir

Apologies for inconvenience, the problem persist in all videos or for any specific section? Could you please provide the link to the section?



the audio quality is really bad in all of the videos. I have taken several courses from your platform and it had never go that bad. At most I remember some videos with irregular volume settings (in one video it sounds really low, then I had to turn up the volume and thats it). But this course I think it’s the worst. But I don’t see any one else complaining, so I don´t know if its something with the settings. I am using chrome form a fedora 37 workstation OS

While I was writing this, I switched back over to Brave browser and the sound quality is much better now