Wrong verification of the solution - Docker Task

Problem: my solution for a task of “Install Docker Package” on Application Server 2 was verified against Application Server 1


  1. Install docker-ce and docker-compose packages on Application Server 2 .
  2. Start docker service as well.

Also, I came across this issue that I opened the same test (it’s failed for me but I had kept a separate tab opened) and this task is now showing to perform the same steps for Application Server 3

You also need to start docker. And also, have installed docker community edition?

I did install and ran the docker.

But my question here is that why the validation was performed against Application Server 1 and not Application Server 2 (as per the question)

I had this same issue. I was asked to perform the task on stapp01 but the task was marked as failed because I hadn’t done the work on stapp03.

@kodekloud-support3, can you please check and confirm this isn’t an issue?