Wrong instruction on Configure protected directories in Apache

Hi, I got failed in scenario “Configure protected directories in Apache”, I exaclly done steps 1,2,3, and I think the problem was that you didn’t right 4th step which should be, configure apache to use basic authentication. I have done: 1) create directory sysops ( in apache Directory location ) on stapp02 2) I made a .htpasswd in this directory with user kristy and correct passwrod 3) I copies file from jump host to sysops directory so I have done what was asked ,and I failed… If task was to configure apache on system You should write it implicitly.

Could you correct this scenario and reset ?


I think its clearly mentioned in the question to use basic auth, please make sure to read the question description carefully to avoid any mistakes.


I disagree. Steps to do , should be specified implicitly,if not, description could be interpreted, that other person from team is reponsible to configure .htaccess with basic auth and I’m responsible only for this 3 steps.


In other words,
There should be 4th step in instruction
4. Configrure Apache to use .htaccess with basic auth


@damiandragowski You must ensure you have read the whole question carefully, don’t just rely on the numbered steps. When a task is assigned to you then you need to make sure you read that carefully and make sure you have configured everything accordingly. In this question you clearly missed the description of task.

Not every task is straight forward, some tasks can be a bit tricky too. But if any task is confusing, unclear or having wrong details please feel free to reach out for clarification. :slight_smile: