Written in advance reviews with solution


What's up with these people who just post written in advance "reviews" with complete solutions? Not to mention that a big part of these solutions are not exactly correct (even if they are working) or plain wrong in some cases. I am gonna bet that none of these people actually do a review. They just post the written in advance solution because they want to be the first who posted and get the experience...

Personally, I find this behavior frustrating.
I mean, I was left with the impression that this is some kind of learning platform where people can check their skills, share their knowledge and learn something new from other people, not interacting with bots.
Giving people hints and advice so they can find and correct their mistakes by themselves is a better way to learn than giving them a plain solution to the problem (which they just copy/paste without thinking most of the time)

With the rant done, once again congratulations for coming up with this idea and executing it.


thanx for your support

You’re not the first one to notice this. Some other threads on the topic:

I understand that some people do it because it’s an easy way to earn extra experience points for your account. But I find it a bit annoying as well, so you’re not alone in that :slight_smile:

Hey Guys! Thank you for the feedback. I think there are 2 ways to tackle this.

  1. As the requestor you have the ability to mark only the comments that help you solve your task.
  2. We will be implementing a “Flag Message” feature that will help you flag such reviews, so admins can take an action against them.

Oh, I must admit I did not do my homework and search for similar topics in advance. I am kinda busy and also lazy :slight_smile:, sorry about that.
Back on topic, from the links above, I see that the problem is quite old and widespread which is disappointing. I started “playing” with KKE very recently and found the idea great and entertaining but now not so much.
I accepted that I will start my journey at the bottom level (way below my knowledge level) and slowly climb up, but this will be tedious and frustrating with the current situation. If there is almost no possibility to gain some extra experience with doing proper reviews, this climbing up to more challenging tasks will be a very long process which I am not looking forward to.
I am getting frustrated enough with my daily job, I don’t want more frustration with something, which is supposed to be fun.
So, from my side, I think I am done with KKE. At least for the time being.

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Hello Mumshad, I believe that community kodekloud is a useless platform (it is my experience over weeks using it) and honestly your support channels are in shambles. I have wrote for few issues on every contact/channel i know about kodekloud. I even wrote to you multiple times but with no response, what is frustrating is zero acknowledgement. I canceled my subscription due to this reason recently. I think for a platform like yours not just providing recorded videos (there a lot others similar on internet) and platform to test your knowledge (again i know few sites which even dont charge for lab experience) your biggest strength could be listening to customers - i think you are really failing there. Personal advice - word of mouth is game changer for small business to scale, think about it.