Why did I get this: ``` [email protected]:~/CKA# kubectl run test-nslookup --im . . .

Aneek Bera:
why did I get this:

[email protected]:~/CKA# kubectl run test-nslookup --image=busybox:1.28 --rm -it --restart=Never -- nslookup > /root/CKA/nginx.pod
pod default/test-nslookup terminated (Error)

Miguel Gonzalez:
seems like it’s more an issue from the nslookup command… and it’s wrong to use is it should be 10-50-192-4

Miguel Gonzalez:

Miguel Gonzalez:

In general a pod has the following DNS resolution:


Miguel Gonzalez:
I have the question why did you use --rm ?

Kaoutar Ben Tahar:
@Miguel Gonzalez --rm is to remove the created pod after it finished running