Why am i not able to set image using this command?

kubectl set image frontend kodekloud/webapp-color:v1=kodekloud/webapp-color:v2
error: the server doesn’t have a resource type “frontend”
[email protected]:~# kubectl set image deployment frontend kodekloud/webapp-color:v1=kodekloud/webapp-color:v2
error: unable to find container named “kodekloud/webapp-color:v1”

@ajey, you need to provide the container name instead of the image.

kubectl set image deployment frontend simple-webapp=kodekloud/webapp-color:v2

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@ajey You can use this format to easily remember how this cmd works:

kubectl set image deployment <deployment-name> <container-name>=<image-name>:<version>

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, @malirashid1994 for sharing the pattern.