Which linux is used in this course?

I am a beginner .I am not sure while doing this course do i have to install linux in my pc.?if not,why?

Which course are you talking about? There are several related to Linux.

Generally it is not required for you to install it yourself as we have the interactive labs.

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Ah, if you mean the basics course, it is all interactive labs.,

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If you are at any linux prompt (e.g. one of our labs) you can find out the linux distro by running the following command

cat /etc/os-release

is there any course of yours where you will teach us how to use linux in my personal computer?not through the interactive labs?

If you want to run it on your own machine, then the way to do this is to run it in a virtual machine.

Depending on whether your computer is Windows, Intel Mac, or Apple Silicon Mac, the instructions are different.

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