Where to find POD IP allocation range if plugin is flannel

I have used plugin as flannel, now my pods are running in the environment. I searched the logs of flannel pod but no where in the logs ipallocation range was mentioned.

Also i check the script under /etc/cni/net.d/10-flannel.sh script, there was no ipam section.

Is there a standard way to find out from a file where i can find the POD ip range.

@mmumshad plz help

Hello sharatbhaskar1988,
let me help you with your concern.

During kubeadm init , kubeadm uploads the ClusterConfiguration object to your cluster in a ConfigMap called kubeadm-config in the kube-system namespace. This configuration is then read during kubeadm join , kubeadm reset and kubeadm upgrade .

You can use kubeadm config print to print the default static configuration that kubeadm uses for kubeadm init and kubeadm join .
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