What's the use of options in netstat -natulp command

What’s the use of options in netstat -natulp command.

man netstat and read. Or or search on the internet for the same. You will be offered online man page.
In short putting all these options together in netstat is of no use.

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@singh37ankit , netstat command options.

-a => all
-p => to show connections or statistics only for a particular protocol .
-t => tcp
-u => udp
-l => listen
-n => prevent netstat from attempting to determine for foreign IP addresses. Depending on your current network connections, using this switch could considerably reduce the time it takes for netstat to fully execute.

-l is not list, but listen, i.e. show only listening sockets
-n means don’t resolve, and not only IPs but also port and user names, i.e show numeric output for these.