What is the password for the user [email protected]?

What is the password for the user [email protected] ?

because I need to copy mykey.pub to app01 server (using ssh-copy-id command), for which passwd is required.

Hi @ravindran.shan,
On which labs did you refer to, please share the link here then we can help you better


It’s for “Labs - SSL & TLS basics”

under Security in Devops pre-requisite course

Hi @ravindran.shan,
You don’t need a password on the labs or copy the public on app01, he should work without password


while copying pub using ‘ssh-copy-id’, it asks password

Hi can you please provide us a screenshot

Hi @ravindran.shan,
If you will provide the commands you ran then it will be more helpful.
In some cases, because of misconfiguration it happens. It will work after reset the lab.


Is the issue of adding public key is resolved? I got the same issue by removing the existing keys from jump host. However restarting the lab resolved the issue of accessing app01 from jumphost.

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Great!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :innocent: :+1: :+1: