What is the magic behind web based labs?

KodeKloud is the first platform I’ve taken online training on, and I’m amazed at the web-based labs. Can we discuss about the architecture and technology behind these labs?
Each lab gives the impression that it is a complete linux machine, so I can imagine that the web sends a request to some public or private cloud and it returns a session with the web console of the virtual machine or container.
Also, it seems that some buttons that appear in the question section execute some script inside the virtual machine.

Is there a particular technology name that I can use to search and study these topics on my own?

Hi @rilex.dg01
We’re sorry for the late response and thank you for your interest about Kodekloud. The technology behind labs is NestyBox https://www.nestybox.com/.
You can go through it and see how it’s works

Regards !!!