Well, I took CKA exam today. Check-in process was smooth and hassle free. Coming . . .

Thejas KA:
Well, I took CKA exam today.
Check-in process was smooth and hassle free.
Coming to exam interface. I took exam on windows machine.
I agree with most of the people who gave feedback recently, the interface is very small if you are taking on laptop screen(13-14inch)
• Interface was responding well for first 60mins. Later it started lagging and sometimes it use to hang for 5-10sec, which slowed me down.
• On reaching out to the proctor he told me to refresh the page, even after refreshing the page it didn’t work. After informing proctor about the same, he said that my bandwidth was slow:thinking_face: , I’m on 100mbps plan how can it be slow?
Guys who are planning to take exam in coming days, please make sure you can finish the exam in less than 70mins OR please wait until the issues are resolved by Linux Academy.

Kaustubh Mali:
@Thejas KA true that! the interface gets even slower after some time!!
I had to install Windows only for the test! I have 17 inch laptop with 2k resolution and windows scale changed to 125% rather than the default which is 150%.
The last time I had 15inch friends windows laptop with a 1080p screen scaled to 150%. Its was very difficult on that before

Thejas KA:
Agreed, coz of which I couldn’t verify my answers

> please wait until the issues are resolved by Linux Academy.
do they resolve the issues??? Buddy, you’re so funny!!! :grimacing:
Every time someone has a prob they say, it’s a bandwidth issue
Come on guys you’re talking with IT guys, people that lie every day about IT probs.
Where I come from, we say “are you trying to steal in a thief home”

Thejas KA:
I had intentions of considering CKS after CKA. now I’ll drop that thought and move on:smiling_face_with_tear:

Alistair Mackay:
@Thejas KA You can raise a support ticket - point out your broadband speed and get them to confirm or otherwise whether the exam infrastructure was launched in the closest cloud region to your location. There were issues with that last week certainly.

I did not notice it get any slower as time passed when I did one yesterday.

Thejas KA:
Yes, I’ve already raised ticket. Waiting for the response

Thejas KA:
I’m happy to inform you guys that I’ve successfully passed CKA exam with score 80.
Thank you @Mumshad Mannambeth and team for wonderful course and support provided through out my CKA journey.

Tej Singh Rana:
Congratulations, @Thejas KA :partying_face:

Hassan EJAZ:
how was your exam experience?

Thejas KA:
You can find here

Congratulations @Thejas KA!

Giri Babu:
Congratulations @Thejas KA!

Valentine Masina:
@Thejas KA congratulations. You prove that the exam can be taken in hard circumstances and still pass. You could have gone way above the 80% was it not for the platform issues. I also want to do CKS after CKA like you. If I start preparing now, obviously in 3 months when I am ready the platform would have improved so I wont stop getting a credential that is valuable

Thejas KA:

Awesome job, Thejas!! So happy for you!

hey @Thejas KA do we get multiple terminal tabs while working in the exam? also how to deal with scenarios where you have to install a CNI from a different website during the exam? thanks

Thejas KA:
You can have multiple terminals open in the remote desktop.
Links to code/installation will be provided in the questions

Alistair Mackay:
@SantoshPlease see my notes on the exam environment here: https://github.com/fireflycons/tips-for-CKA-CKAD-CKS