Weavenet network provider installation

When installing Weave Net Network provider for Kubernetes, where do I get the CNI bin and CNI configuration file that should be on the master/node machines?

Hi - the easiest way is to deploy it as Daemonset - https://www.weave.works/blog/weave-net-kubernetes-integration/

Let me know if you have any other question

I’ve kubectl applied the weave manifest, but was concerned since my kubelet only has --network-plugin=cni, but not --cni-conf-dir=/etc/cni/net.d and --cni-bin-dir=/opt/cni/bin…
I guess it works because these are the default paths, right?
I see that the files under /opt/cni/bin are already there…
Was it done by the kubeadm init step?
Or by the DaemonSet pods? (edited)
I’ve checked the weave pods and it looks like they have volumes for cni-bin and cni-conf that are of type hostPath…
I’m assuming that the nci bin files are copied to the /opt/cni/cin folder by the weave daemonset (and not by kubeadm)…

Please confirm