Wanted to share that i Passed the CKS exam 🙂. Had given th . . .

Krishnan Y N:
Wanted to share that i Passed the CKS exam :slightly_smiling_face:. Had given the same yesterday and got the result a while back. Got 84% which was a bit lower than what i was expecting…

Some inputs

• Was on a Mac M1 and while on killer.sh, i could manage with a 2k resolution and had got the exact layout of terminal/browser /font/font-size etc planned out, but on the exam setup, i needed 4k (2k was not enough and everything appeared more scaled in the exam setup on 2k) and had to scale up the browser zoom/terminal font to help - this meant that the question panel was showing up small and so, made for a slightly complicated setup. Would highly recommend a 4k setup while taking exam.
Thanks KodeKloud/Mumshad/Vijin.

@Krishnan Y N Thanks for sharing your experience.
Almost 4 months and the env is still slow :thinking_face:

Krishnan Y N:
Thanks Pita. Yes, exam interface IMHO is slow - than KK and Killer.sh / cloud environments (EKS, AKS, GKE etc) .

One good thing is that the interface does have options to set a question for review and also has links relevant for a topic (you dont need to remember the link) and when you click that, it opens the page in browser (though there are cases wherein you might want to open a different page within the allowed documentation links - which we can still do).

Awantika Nigam:
Congratulations @Krishnan Y N. Feel free to share your achievements here <#C0459E6K4AZ|achievements> too :slightly_smiling_face:

Krishnan Y N:
Thanks @Awantika Nigam - sure, will do.