Voting app Worker Pod not working

The worker pod is reporting crashloopbackoff.
Please help to fix.

Hi Dear ,

Please follow these full steps to know what you have missed and try again :

Note: We will create deployments again so please before following the steps, Run kubectl delete deployment --all to delete old deployments and avoid any conflicts.

  1. Run git clone

  2. Run cd example-voting-app-kubernetes-v2/

  3. Run vim postgres-deployment.yml and modify it’s content as below then save and exit.

Note: It’s a new update from Postgres.

apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: name: postgres-deployment labels: app: demo-voting-app spec: replicas: 1 selector: matchLabels: name: postgres-pod app: demo-voting-app template: metadata: name: postgres-pod labels: name: postgres-pod app: demo-voting-app spec: containers: - name: postgres image: postgres:9.4 env: - name: POSTGRES_USER value: postgres - name: POSTGRES_PASSWORD value: postgres - name: POSTGRES_HOST_AUTH_METHOD value: trust ports: - containerPort: 5432

  1. Run kubectl create -f . if you create deployments for the first time, if you created the same deployments before Run kubectl apply -f . .

  2. Run kubectl get service to get the exposed ports.

For example if the output of the command as above you can accces the voting app by hitting One_of_the_worker_nodes_IP:32733 on your browser and the same for the resulting app >> One_of_the_worker_nodes_IP:30013.

Check :

Note: The voting application only accepts one vote per client. It does not register votes if a vote has already been submitted from a client.

Hope this helps!

@Vicky , We have added patch to the github code

So the issue should be fixed now.