Vote Since 19 days I didn’t get any task to do in KodeKloud Engineer


I have got similiar problem as in:

but right now I didn’t start any old task.
SInce 19 days I didn’t get any task

Please help, thanks.

Hi @rmaduzia,
We are glad you have successfully completed most of the tasks under KodeKloud Engineer and have reached upto DevOps Architect level. As we are working on providing you more Cloud-based tasks under the DevOps Architect role, we would want you to be patient with us and we will keep you posted as and when the new tasks get released.

Best Regards,


so it isn’t about bug or issue. I just didn’t get any tasks because I have completed all of them.
To get any new tasks you will have to add some for DevOps Architect role.

Do I understand it correctly? Please confirm.

Yes, your understanding is correct.



Can I change it somehow so I could make tasks from different ranks?