Virtual Box set up

Hi I am very nee to devops and i am having problems installing my virtual box images after downloading from OSboxes and i am also unable to enable my BIOS on my laptop the reason being i am not too good with file path systems and i dont want to tamper with my settings at all. Can i have a walk through with someone throug the process ? I have been stuck her for two days now.

thank you

Hello, diddy
Yes, What is the specification of your laptop?

Hello ,
It’s a Dell latitude e7250
8g RAM
128 ssd
Icore 5

Sorry I meant e7240
I also have installed virtual box successfully . The virtual box imagine too downloaded but when it asked me to open with what app , I mistakenly used firefox browser , so I noticed it’s saved with the Firefox icon but it s still a 7z file

Can you share the screenshot?