Virtual Box login incorrect

I just finished installing virtual box on my local machine and when i try to log in for the first time, I keep getting error that login is incorrect even though i’m entering the correct info listed on website. I followed the virtual set for windows exactly but i think a step was skipped because I can’t log in. Please advise. Thanks

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Hi @excellence2077 ,
What was the login credentials you were using? and what was the method trying to login? SSH or UI.


Hello @excellence2077,
Try this
username: root



Thank :slight_smile:, its working

Dear all,

I’m trying login using the below but keep getting “login incorrect”.
Appreciate if anyone can advice here. Thanks in advance!

Username – osboxes
Password –
Password –

use “root” as your username instead of “Root”

this worked for me. Thanks for sharing

I had the same issue and the credentials you said solved it.