Videos are missing

On Kodekloud website, All videos are not missing.
For example in the Docker Compose, the Demo for Example Voting Application starting videos are missing and only the latest video is available. Kindly upload all other videos in between.

2021-06-16 21_37_21-dockercompose

Thanks for reporting.
We wil fix it

Wondering when are you going to fix it?

Don’t reply back blindly. I never said it’s not working.
I said the Videos are missing. Kindly read my query properly.
I have double checked now, the Videos are still missing Dude.

Hello, @mahesh24
Sorry for this inconvenience caused. I forwarded your request to the team, they will investigate and will get back to you.


How many days we need to wait?

Hello, @mahesh24
Thanks for your patience. Team is working on it. I will update you once they add the video.

Hello, @mahesh24
Thanks for your patience, Videos are available now.

Thanks for uploading the missing videos.

Please make sure you provide all videos available to subscribers in all courses.

@mahesh24 , Thanks for the feedback. Happy Learning with Kodekloud!