Video Stop Playing?

In these videos, the video stops but the audio still playing
Kubernetes Architecture after 16:11

Demo – Prometheus – Alert Manager – Alerts – Slack Notifications after 26:33

In this video also: Demo – Vault PHP Application at 5:00

Hi @vebrian,
Thanks for reporting the issues with lectures. I will inform the team.


Can you please paste the lecture link as well?

I am not able to find these lectures. Can you please share the URLs?

Updated in the comment, but the links just redirected to the course

Is there any issue to share full link?

I updated your account. You can share the link without any issues.

no, I can share the link but when I paste the link to comment it just redirected to the devsecops course link

  1. HOMEPAGE/topic/kubernetes-architecture-3/
  2. HOMEPAGE/topic/demo-prometheus-alert-manager-alerts-slack-notifications/
  3. HOMEPAGE/topic/demo-vault-php-application/

change the HOMEPAGE

Excellent, @vebrian .
I reported this to the concerned team. They will fix it. Appreicated your help. :+1: