Very happy to share that I cleared CKA today. Many thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth . . .

Rupam Bezbarua:
Very happy to share that I cleared CKA today. Many thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth, @Rahul Soni and the entire KodeKloud team for an outstanding course. I’ve many certifications to my credit but I’ve never had such an outstanding learning experience or gotten such help even for really rudimentary questions during the initial days.

I don’t know the marks yet because the portal seems to be down for maintenance but I think it should be around 90% based on what I could complete. I was completely new (I mean no prior experience at all) to Kubernetes and I only followed @Mumshad Mannambeth’s course through Udemy. Here are a few things from my experience:

  1. @Mumshad Mannambeth’s course is more than enough - you don’t need anything else around Kubernetes to clear the exam.
  2. You don’t need to create aliases - There’s generous time to complete all questions (or at least enough to attempt passing grade)
  3. KTHW is not needed. I did not try it although I went through the lecture a number of times to understand the concepts.
  4. Knowing the Linux CMD line is important - stuff like how to sort, grep, awk, sed, etc is extremely important. Knowing the various options for grep and sort was very useful for me.
  5. Attempt all the exercises and not just the Mock or Lightening Tests multiple times over. I lost count of the number of times I attempted them.
  6. Imperative Commands & knowing Jsonpath expressions well are an absolute must.
    CKA_Certificate.pdf (1020 KB)

Congrats!! :kubernetes_party: @Rupam Bezbarua For what type of question did u use sort/awk/sed ? Storing command output into files ? Is it feasible without these commands ? (I never remember the correct syntax). And a little question about the exam ux, can you scroll with pad like in kodecloud lab or you have to only use arrow keys ? Thank you and bravo again ! :tada:

Thankyou @Rupam Bezbarua for sharing such a wonderful post. You are an inspiration.

Rupam Bezbarua:
@Woap, yes mainly for storing command outputs - slice/dice on the command outputs & directing them into files is a more elegant way to do it. I guess you can echo them to the file as well but is more time-consuming and not neat in my opinion . Yes, you can scroll.

Rupam Bezbarua:
@Yash Thank you. If I can pass, I can guarantee, everyone else can:-)

Thank you !

Mumshad Mannambeth: