VCS Clipboard copy paste Issue

The key board short cuts ,right click, select and right click functions which works for the terminals in general does not work for VCS terminal, it is difficult to type the commands and texts manually, especially when you need to copy arn’s and stuff . I have tested (incognito, different browsers, clearing cache checking pop-up blockers allowing clipboard via browser extension for KodeKloud) and confirmed that its not my browser issue.

this is a real blocker when attempting to complete Lab exercises.

Please check and fix it ASAP.

Hey @jayz555,
Try shift+insert to paste

KodeKloud Support

@Ayman I tried all those options already, does not work.

Hey @jayz555,
it should be working as you see in the attached gif.
can you please reset the lab and try again?

shift + insert

KodeKloud Support

@Ayman I am using a MAC keyboard and trying to paste the clipboard using the ‘Command + V’ key combination.
Is there a known limitation that this works only with regular keyboard and not with Apple keyboard?

Hello @jayz555
For Mac user: ⌘+C to copy and ⌘+V to paste.

I tried using For Mac user: ⌘+C to copy and ⌘+V to paste but its not working in my case.
Do I need to check any other settings ?

Getting following message after pressing ⌘+V
“Unable to read from the browser’s clipboard. Please make sure you have granted access for this website to read from the clipboard.”

“Shift+⌘+v” worked on Mac for me

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Nice. It’s working for me too.
Earlier I was not using Shift.
Thank you so much.
Happy Learning :slight_smile:

Not working for me I tried it in windows shift + insert

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I am using a German keyboard and need to copy some values from the terminal. I have tried every possible keys combination but nothing works. Kindly suggest.

It’s kodekloud site issue, embedding frame blocks clipboard for terminal frame.
If you open terminal in a new page, everything works fine
To fix it kodekloud team should follow this: