Vault Associate lab Configuring Integrate Storage is broken

This lab is really broken.
When I do an ns lookup node-1 from node-2 it comes back with two IPs, only one of which is an IP of node-1.
If I try to add node-2 to node-1 using the given command, it may or may not succeed as it will randomly pick from one of those two IPs. If I add it using node-1 IP then it adds and initializes correctly, however vault operator raft list-peers fails every time as it is trying to use an IP that is not on either node.

Error reading the raft cluster configuration: Error making API request.

Code: 403. Errors:

* permission denied

This is kind of an important lab. Any idea when this will get fixed?

As a followup, I have tried resetting the lab and trying again, but it’s broken in the same way each time. I’m going to skip it for now and move on but would like to try to actually complete it if I can.
I marked it as complete as I was trying to get to the survey at the end, but the survey apparently does not pop up when you make a lab you are part way through as complete (sad)

HI @dsargent,
Can you please provide us the link to the lab


You have to log in first with the given root token and the token is available at /opt/vault.creds.

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Link is here:

You are correct. Once joined with the correct IP instead of the machine name AND I log in it works. Thanks for helping with that bit.

Another quick thing to fix with this lab:
On step 6 it reads:

On Vault node-1 , validate that the second cluster is now showing as a cluster member:

That should read

On Vault node-1 , validate that the second node is now showing as a cluster member:

Just FYI, I was able to finish the lab by using the IP address of node-1 to join node-2 and node-3 and everything else went smoothly.
So I think the main thing that needs to be fixed other than the typo mentioned above is DNS resolution for for the node names returning two ips, one correct and one incorrect.