Validation is not happening for Manage Secrets in Kubernetes

The Nautilus DevOps team is working to deploy some tools in Kubernetes cluster. Some of the tools are licence based so that licence information needs to be stored securely within Kubernetes cluster. Therefore, the team wants to utilize Kubernetes secrets to store those secrets. Below you can find more details about the requirements:

We already have a secret key file media.txt under /opt location on jump host. Create a generic secret named media, it should contain the password/license-number present in media.txt file.

Also create a pod named secret-nautilus.

Configure pod’s spec as container name should be secret-container-nautilus, image should be fedora preferably with latest tag (remember to mention the tag with image). Use sleep command for container so that it remains in running state. Consume the created secret and mount it under /opt/apps within the container.

To verify you can exec into the container secret-container-nautilus, to check the secret key under the mounted path /opt/apps. Before hitting the Check button please make sure pod/pods are in running state, also validation can take some time to complete so keep patience.

Note: The kubectl utility on jump_host has been configured to work with the kubernetes cluster.

my code for secret creation

kubectl create secret generic media --from-file=/opt/media.txt

my yaml file for pod creation

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: secret-pod-nautilus
    name: myapp
    - name: secret-volume-nautilus
        secretName: media
    - name: secret-container-nautilus
      image: fedora:latest
      command: ["/bin/bash", "-c", "sleep 10000"]
        - name: secret-volume-nautilus
          mountPath: /opt/apps
          readOnly: true

Verification as per the task

[email protected]_host ~$ kubectl get pods
NAME                  READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
secret-pod-nautilus   1/1     Running   0          23s
[email protected]_host ~$ kubectl exec secret-pod-nautilus -- cat /opt/apps/media.txt

Everything went ok at my side but when I submitted the task, it takes long time and finally skipping to feedback page. It neither says I did something wrong nor my task is shown failed/success in tasks list. Is there anything I am missing?


Its working now. I got congratulations page but task is still pending. I didnt get any new task. :frowning:

Hi @shib_saikrishnaghant,
Please share your KKE user name.


:thinking: :thinking:

I have only email in my account information but not username. Where do I find Username.

Please remove your email address. We don’t encourage to share publicly.


SaiKrishna Ghanta is my name and username if that is so.

Btw, it’s showing blank screen again after clicking the Go button on tasks.

Did you close the lab?

Yes I did after getting blank screen

Let me share one workaround until it gets resolved permanently.

Start the lab again then put the mouse pointer on the blank screen then right click on the mouse > click on the “Refresh frame”
Let me know if it loads the lab.

Please take a look at this comment also. :point_up:

504 Gateway Time-out


This is the message now I am getting after some load time

Hi @shib_saikrishnaghant ,
Can you please try now? We have pushed some updates.


Thanks, Finally it worked.

Thanks for the confirmation. :+1: