Validation error from your side on Apache + php-fpm

I done every required steps and all the things are working with curl command and when I go to APP bar then it is not showing the output and I checked every service with proper rules, Please check and pass this question for me

Seems like you have already completed this task.

@Inderpreet is there a validation issue? I did everything correctly but was unable to open the app web page. Please check

@Inderpreet could you please check

@Inderpreet There is a validation issue with the task. Could you please do the needful?!/task_review?task_id=614737c568aeca9b8a309316

@Inderpreet Please check for this task why it getting failed try multiple times

@Inderpreet the task is now at failed state. Could you please check?!/task_review?task_id=614737c568aeca9b8a309316

Hi @markt and @Joseph

Sorry for delayed response. Please share your KKE username.

[email protected] @Inderpreet

@Inderpreet thanks for your response. My task expired and got the new same task.
Mark is my KKE username