Updates in Ranking and Leaderboard

Hi KodeKloud Engineers,

We are making some changes to ranking and leaderboards. With the recent introduction to the DevOps Engineer role, we have decided to separate ranking between the 2 roles. After this update, you will see 2 sections in the leaderboard. One for DevOps Engineers and the other for System Administrators. We hope this will motivate you to work your way towards increasing your rank and getting promoted to the next level.

This update will roll out very soon, but I wanted to inform you beforehand.

We are also about to release new courses to our portfolio specifically to help beginners get up to speed with basic System Administration tasks. And we are also creating course paths that you can take to go from a beginner to a certified expert.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks for being awesome engineers,


Jo @mmumshad ! I see already two leader boards but filtering is not working. Can you double check this, please ?

Course path are a really good idea! Keep growing!