Update & Data Sync Issue on the Platform

Hi KodeKloud Team,

I am observing a weird inconsistency in data display on the platform. Initially around 1:00 PM CET I saw a new task was assigned to me & was having Go button enabled. But this task count (13th) was not showing in the board in the total or pending task count.

I clicked on Go & started executing the task. Once I finished the task successfully on return I see the Go button is gone (which is right as task was successfully completed), 1 count is added in the total task to make it 13 but also 1 task is showing under pending tasks where as in the list of the pending tasks there is nothing pending to work on.

I feel there is some issue in the platform & data is not getting synced correctly. Please look into this issue.

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Also the score is also not getting added as the system is still assuming the task is pending.

All data are updated now correctly. It seems some lag (which we never observed before in last 2-3 weeks) might have caused it.

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There was some maintenance going on in the back-end that might have caused this issue but it should work fine now. We apologize for the issue.

Please report us if you still face issues.