Unfair leadership rank - please fix ASAP

It looks like after completion of all tasks algorithm assign again random tasks. I got again the same task I had few days ago. Again if we have second tasks iteration tasks should be assigned as first time only once until one go through all of them again. In third iteration the same, if not it can happen that someone will get a lot of 1k tasks another one 400… please ensure that this is the case to provide real competioon not fortune wheel. :slight_smile:

Can you look into this problem urgently, please ? When I am getting repeated task for 800 someone else can get one for 1500 as we do not have new tasks and we just randomly executes whatever comes it can change leaderboard drastically.

@Inderpreet, @mmumshad:
I just checked last few tasks for me and Krishna.
Manage Secrets in Kubernetes 1500
Managing ACLs Using Ansible 600
Init Containers in Kubernetes 1500
Create Pods in Kubernetes Cluster 750
Puppet Install Group Packages 900
Environment Variables in Kubernetes 1500
Manage Secrets in Kubernetes 1500

Create a Docker Image From Container 600
Ansible Setup Httpd and PHP 1200
Print Environment Variables 1200
Puppet Create a FIle 600
Ansible Copy Module 600
Create Pods in Kubernetes Cluster 750
Docker Volumes Mapping 600

2700 points in 7 tasks difference, and if we take more tasks its even bigger.
This is how random tasks assignments destroys completely the competition.
And please do not tell me that sooner or later it will be the equal. It will not !
I had few thousand advance and without any mistake from my side now I am few thousand below.
If we look into even this small subset of tasks one fat for 1500 was repeated twice for Krishna.
I hope you will take seriously this issue and do some remediation as at the current stage ranking on KKE is a joke sorry for such word but my case shows this clearly !
How are you going to fix this now ?

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I suggest to stop assigning tasks after completing all of them including failed ones untill the Devops Architect role is ready . Another suggestion is to introduce a challenge tasks and prevent posting solutions or any kind of discussions for these tasks. Tasks like writing application in python should be included, shouldn’t?

These suggestions came from job interviews. As a cisco network engineer, Devops culture has been brought to the networking arena and programming skills is a must now. This also is a must for a Devops engineer.
Now l can write applications in python.

Unfortunately I did not get your attention for such urgent problem.Guys please be aware that not seeing the problem is not the fix. Please ensure that all people have equal chances to score after completion of all tasks, It cannot be allowed that after first round tasks will be again randomly assigned as it finishes like in my example 4x 1400 points tasks against 2 x 1200.
I personally think that after first round people should go through second one starting from the highest tasks to the lowest, until new tasks will be created. It should be not allowed to repeat such tasks like in above example: Manage Secrets in Kubernetes.
I will go with this one with weekly reminder hoping that some day it will be picked up and fixed.

weekly reminder, still did not get any 1500 my colleague add to 4 x 1500 one 2100. Is this according to you fair competition ?

Thanks for the feedback everyone! We will add this to our backlog.