Understanding of git in my perspective

Hi Everyone, I just started learning git as of my understanding, I feel like git is command line tool like a terminal on a linux where we do stuff. where github/gitlab/bitbucket is like the GUI on linux where instead of doing stuffs using codes we use graphical options present over there to do complete our tasks.
git -------------> linux terminal
github----------> linux GUI
Is my understanding correct? If I’m wrong please correct me

Kind of, but they both are git.

A more accurate analogy might be:

  • Git is like the engine of a car, providing the core functionality (version control) that you control through the command line (like manually shifting gears).
  • GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket are like modern cars equipped with advanced navigation systems, automatic gearbox and safety features that build on the engine’s capabilities to make driving (software development) more accessible and collaborative.
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Thank you for this reply. I now understand it well