Unable to view worker node IP address


I am trying to view the node ip address/url, hence view the nginx running application on a web browser. However when I enter “minikube service myapp-service --url” to view the url, I get an error message that minikube command cannot be found.

I try investigating by getting a description of the service, but it looks like no ip address was assigned to the node.

Please can you advise how I can get the command “minikube service myapp-service --url” to work.

I have attached screenshots for reference


Hello @Joe1

You are trying to use “minikube” on the labs , and they are not installed in it.
So you can use “kubectl” instead of it to perform your tasks.

ok, please what is the command I should use. If I replace “minikube” with “kubectl” , it still does not work. image

The reason I tried minikube in the first place is because that is what was used in the demo from the course.

@Joe1 you can use kubectl get service