Unable to use docker to check the certificate


I was practising the exercise

To solve the question 12, I need to use docker (because a deliberate error on etcd makes kubelet unavailable), but I cannot use it. Should I install it ? Where did i go wrong)

Hi @stephane.hordoir,
Please use the crictl ps command. Docker is removed from k8s version 1.24+


Container Runtime is used in the lab is containerd, not docker.


Thanks for your reply
So should I use
containerd ps
crictl ps

Is there any difference between the 2 commands ?
By the way, how can I check the container runtime engine ?

Please use the kubectl get nodes -owide command.

Use the crictl ps command to list the containers; It’s the same as docker ps command.

I don’t think containerd ps exists.

Thanks for your reply !