Unable to sign gitea with credentials shared


In Initialize remote repositories Lab I neeed to signin to gitea.

UI login info:

Username: sarah

Password: Sarah_pass123

@polarak, I have checked the Q5 of the Git Remote Repository Lab and could see that the user name and password are working fine. Could you please retry from your end and let us know if the issue persists.

I have same proplem. So, I couldn’tcontinue lab session. Please help me.

Hi @emnbahadir ,
Can you please tell me the lab name?


Hi @emnbahadir ,
I checked one of the git labs and didn’t see any issues. I also noticed that the browser URL does not look correct.
It should contain the port + custom lab URL as shown below: -


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana Lab name is ;
EDİT : Ok. Problem solved, Thank you :+1:

@Tej-Singh-Rana , I didnt reach same site.
EDİT : Problem Solved . Thank you. :+1:

Thanks for your confirmation. :+1: