Unable to ping VM's using static IP from other system


while I have goon through this DevOps prerequisites course, here I am have created one VM from that I have cloned other VM.
As u showed in the course I have created the second adopter and also static IP when I can ping from VM to other laptop IP successfully, but i am not able to ping to static IP VM from other system using mobaxterm

Hi lakshith_dv,
Are you sure the IP is for the guest OS? I had the same problem and it turned out that the IP I had been using all along, the was actually the Windows interface IP and the host OS IP was

Are you sure the IP is for the guest OS? yes!

Yes you are truly correct, if i try to ping my host IP through another laptop it will succeed but when i try to ping VM static IP which i have create like it will not success.

You have to check adapter configuration or Lan card details. May be configured for selected source.