Unable to launch aws playgrounds

Hi Team,

I have similar issue about the launch of aws rds instance and ec2 as well.

Having error as below

RDS Create database Create database Error loading resource User: arn:aws:iam::728623750149:user/odl_user_845389 is not authorized to perform: rds:DescribeDBEngineVersions with an explicit deny in a service control policy

As for the EC2 as well it doesn’t allow to create keys and the instance.

Can anyone assist here with this request

Hi @Rahul,
Can you please provide more details? In which region you were trying to launch?


Hi Tej,

it was us-east-1

Thanks for responding back, @Rahul . I forwarded this to the team to check.


Hi @Rahul,
I tried to create an EC2 instance and successfully created it. I didn’t see any issues.
Also, I can create a new key.
Please find the attached screenshots.

Please check the allowed resources from the link below: -
Playground AWS (kodekloud.com)