Unable to get access in MobaXterm

Hello everyone, after following all the steps mentioned in the previously raised doubts by others, am still unable to login in MobaXterm, it keeps on throwing an error “Access denied” after putting the password: osboxes. org. please suggest what else I need to change. my network is also automatically set to a bridged adaptor and is able to ping from centos to Google from cmd prompt, I was able to ping the IP address

Hi @akshaysharma5432,
Please try with the root user from the mobaxterm. I see you used the osboxes.
Let me know…


so I specified the name as root instead of os boxes but still got an Access denied error.

Which version of CentOS image do have you downloaded?

I am using CentOS Server 9 (64bit)

Should I download any other version? if so please help which one as I am stuck at this stuck from last 3 days now.

Hi @akshaysharma5432,
Sorry for the delayed response. Can you please try with the CentOS 8.2.2004?


sure. I will update you

any solution to this problem? I am currently facing the exact same issue