Unable to find the path for kubelet.service

I am not able to get the path where I can find the “kubelet.service” file. I checked the following paths but could not find it; please suggest.



the cluster is based on the kubeam. Kubelet reads a file from --cni-conf-dir (default /etc/cni/net.d ) and uses the CNI configuration from that file to set up each pod’s network. The CNI configuration file must match the CNI specification, and any required CNI plugins referenced by the configuration must be present in --cni-bin-dir (default /opt/cni/bin ). and you overwrite these values in /var/lib/kubelet/kubeadm-flags.env

I’m struggling with this too. Any ideas how I can find the kubelet.service file? Previous answer didnt help

Hi @hamza.masood,

Please run the following command: -