Unable to download courses from website

Hello @Ayman @kodekloud2020 @kodekloud3 @kodekloud.20.t

I have an paid subscription to our website and I am trying to download the kodekloud courses for my future reference, currently as I am not able to finish all my courses, so I was trying to download the vedio lectures of our course, followed the steps from https://github.com/erfansahaf/kodekloud-downloader but facing the below error image
Tried multiple times but still facing the same issue Please help me on this !!!

Hi @shubham-beginner , sorry to hear that. Are you still having this problem?

Vitor Jr.
KodeKloud Support

I’m having this problem at the moment. What should I do to be able to download the videos from kodeKloud ? @Vitor

Hi @aminumuritala,
This is not allowed. You can’t download the course videos except for PDF decks.