Unable to create EC2 in AWS

I was unable to create ec2 in AWS also i see these API errors on Mumbai region and I was reffering this cloud-playground-support as well. I was simply trying to create t2.micro instance in SG region. should i need to add any IAM policy for that?

Hi @mani48sv,
Just tested and it’s works fine.

Go through the quick start guide to see if your EC2 matches with authorized feature on playground.

Specially check the volume type, he should be gp2


Hey @mmkmou_KodeKloud,
Thanks. That helps

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I am getting the same error though. Here’s the error screen.

HI @Learning-Stack,

Check if you’re align with the authorized resources :


Everything does match within the limits. I am just creating the simple EC2 instance with the free tier. Can you help me what to look for?

Ok: I get it now. I was using GP3 instead of GP2. Thanks.

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