Unable to create Azure logic app

When I try I end up with this error.

Can you help?


Resource ‘ASP-ODLazure1232193-a69a’ was disallowed by policy. Policy identifiers: ‘[{"policyAssignment":{"name":"azure8922-1232193-PolicyDefinition-ODL-azure-1232193","id":"/subscriptions/1ca63aff-186a-4e2b-b3bc-f7dddf1d8969/resourceGroups/ODL-azure-1232193/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyAssignments/azure8922-1232193-PolicyDefinition-ODL-azure-1232193"},"policyDefinition":{"name":"azure8922-1232193-PolicyDefinition","id":"/subscriptions/1ca63aff-186a-4e2b-b3bc-f7dddf1d8969/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyDefinitions/azure8922-1232193-PolicyDefinition"}}]’.

@baller777 Azure KodeKloud playgrounds have a policy which does not allow creation of azure logic app .

Check this out to see what all is allowed in KodeKloud Azue playground : Azure Sandbox Playground | KodeKloud


Thanks for your response! At the bottom of the page it does say that logic apps are permitted.

Please see below. Thanks.

Other Azure Services

The other services you can access in the playground are:

  • Storage Accounts (Under Redundancy select Locally-Redundant Storage - LRS)
  • CosmosDB (under Capacity mode select Serverless; in Backup Policy step, for Backup storage redundancy select Locally-redundant backup storage)
  • Logic Apps
  • CloudShell
  • Container Registry (Select SKUs - Basic or Standard)

Hi @baller777,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am checking this with the team.


Hi @baller777,


While creating a logic apps, please select the plan type - Consumption.


Thank you. Could you please update the website with changes like these so it will benefit everyone if you haven’t already?