Unable to continue the course

I am unable to continue the course, docker certified associate exam,. took the practice test 3 times, when i click on continue, it goes back to the same pratice test again

Hello @sandeep.madhu
Can you please share the quiz URL?

Hi @sandeep.madhu,

I just checked and I am not seeing any “continue” button.

Once you finish all the questions, we will get continue button to navigate to the next section…in this case i am repeatedly getting the same

Oh! But you didn’t mention this in the post. Let me re-check.


Can you please share the screenshot when you get “continue” button?
Because I am not seeing any “continue” button.

You need minimum pass percentage to see that button… it is really annoying to waste whole day to explain an issue !

I am trying to understand the issue where it’s coming from. Sorry for the problem.

Hi @sandeep.madhu,
I found the root cause. The team updated the quiz labs, so please go to the course and click on the quiz lab you want to attempt.


Please use the link below for the replication controllers and replicasets quiz lab.

Practice Test Replication Controllers and Replicasets - KodeKloud

OK…i went to the next section and it seems incomplete… Docker Certified Associate Exam Course | KodeKloud the deployment yaml file which is used as basis for the questions here is not shown

any help here with this?

The team has updated the required YAML file. Please check.


Thank you. Yamil is missing in subsequent research questions in kubernetes, pls review everything and update it…