Unable to complete task - firewalld is failing to start!

Hi @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3,

I am not able to complete the “Linux Firewalld Setup” task. Whenever I try to start the firewall service on the stapp03 server I get the error in the attachment.

Please advise.


I’ve just completed the task now. Thanks.

HI Salim,
I am facing the same issue. How did you resolve it.


I kept on restarting the session until it worked. I did it like 5 times :sweat_smile:.


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Hehehe. Salim, i was also able to resolve it by restarting dbus.

@Salim @Tej-Singh-Rana @Ayman

Hey guys, I am running in the following issue, even after restarting dbus.
Can you guys advise what am I missing here

I think you are running the command to restart dbus service as a normal user. Try run the same command as a root user.

salim is right, normal user have no rights to access this stuffs. so try from sudoers user and reply still facing same issue?

@Tej-Singh-Rana @Salim thanks guys, I was able to complete the task successfully!

@Tej-Singh-Rana @ali.za.ac @Salim @ASAAC
any suggestions why the task was failed? was I supposed to input rich reject rule?

have you make it permanent ?
have you cross checked from other host server?

Hi Tej,
Yes I did make it permanent. However, was not knowing how to verify it.

I have seen your other post of firewalld. You have add 2 rules in single command. May be that’s reason to failed.

And also there is no network interface associated with the public zone!

hello i don’t know why i cannot connect to any server ?

should i troubleshoot the network first ? the question is about firewalld on web servers only ?

any idea ?

It all about only targeted server which one is described in the task. You cannot access anyone of them. That’s not written in server site algorithm.

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