Unable to access lab

Hi @mmumshad

Can you please look into labs .I am trying from 2 days .


Can you please share more details please? Screenshots if possible.

Ares you still having issues. If so, please provide more details to help troubleshoot

Hi @mmumshad @vijin.palazhi
Yes I am still facing issues in CKA lab .

please look into it as I dont have much time .Please look into it as hands on labs are very important for this exam

Hi Satyam,

The error in your screenshot usually happens when the internet connection is unstable.

I tested quite a few labs and do not see an issue (including the security ones)

Can you confirm your internet is working well? No dropped packets?

Speed is good .So please check

How often do you get this? It may not necessarily be related to speed, do you have a stable connection, no packets getting dropped?

If you are getting disconnection issues very frequently, can you try accessing it from another network and see if it makes a difference?

Same network now also , but thanks to God its working fine now