Unable to Access Hashicorp Playground

I have subscribed the yearly premium plan of Kodekloud, But Hashicorp playground is unable to load, After hiting Launch button, no action is getting processed. I thought it might be the browser issue, but i have also tried the same on Firefox and google chrome , but on the both browsers i have faced the same issue. Please resolve this issue asap,
Another issue i have faced is - Regarding Hashicorp vault course - In the demo lectures of Hashicorp, instructor is working on different platform, and in the practice lab there is a different platform provided, and it creates a confusion while solving the labs,
For example- In the very first practice lab, platform provided is microsoft (vi editor/ explorer … i guess), and it is different terminal than the one used by instructor in the demo videos, Hence, i have faced some unwanted errors, difficulties while solving the lab, in the lab - there isnt provision to copy and paste, also i faced issue while saving the files, Obviously , there might be a correct way/ solution for this , but as i am in the phase of ‘Learning’, i(student) should be able to perform lab flawlessly as instructed in the lab, if student have to face such unwanted errors and difficulties, then first he have to search and learn how to save file, how to enable copy and paste function, and then continue with the lab content, so it doesnt seem learning process,
hence i request KodeKloud to look this issue, and provide the same platform for the labs as provided in the demo videos.
Please solve this two issues as i am desperately waiting to implement my learning on playground and labs.
Thanks and regards,

Hi @dsarvesh27,
Please let me know which playground it is?

Im also experiencing the same issue on the Hashicorp Vault playground. It doesnt do anything when I click on Launch Now. Another member of my team is experiencing the same.

Hello, its Hashicorp vault playground. After ‘Launch’ , no action is getting performed, Same issue faced on other browsers.

Manipulated the URL manually. The playground itself does work. The link is just broken.

Playground - HashiCorp Vault - KodeKloud

This works.

Thanks @daniel7 for sharing the link.
I notified the concerned team and they will fix it.
Till then, please use the above link shared by daniel to access the Vault playground.


The team has fixed this problem.