Ultimate DevOps Tools Guide

Did you know that those new to the Programming and DevOps world often need help to start their DevOps journey due to the missing basic prerequisites? :scream:

With so many DevOps tools around, it’s no wonder why people would feel overwhelmed and move on to something else, which could waste their potential to do so much more in the DevOps world!

In this video, Mumshad Mannambeth (CEO of KodeKloud) will be sharing a high-level overview of the various DevOps tools that will come in at different stages of your product to help with the diverse challenges you face!
As a DevOps or Cloud Engineer, it is crucial to have these basic prerequisites cleared. And that’s why KodeKloud is helping you to bridge that gap!

:point_right: For more information, check out the video here: The Ultimate DevOps Tools Guide | DevOps Tools Explained | KodeKloud - YouTube

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Fantastic explanation :innocent: