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Hi The time given after the mock exam is just 10 minutes is not sufficient to review the wrong answers. In the beginning it is taking very long to solve the questions. Please increase the time to at least 30 mins else it is not much of use. After spending 2 hrs on exam it goes completely waste if you are not able to review what has gone wrong. Please help urgently.

Can somebody answer my query

Hi @deepak_g11,
How many questions did you get wrong for this lab?

I am getting many questions wrong around half of them. 10 mins is not sufficient to review everything. there should be some option to download the question and solution so that you can go through them. In 10 mins you can hardly check one wrong question

Hi @deepak_g11,
You must check the CKA course first if you get many questions wrong. This mock exam series has advanced labs.

Btw I have raised your concern with the lab’s team and will get back to you with an update.

Do you have any other issues you would like to raise?



I have been taking the CKA Mock exams. I have taken 4 of the exams so far.

I have left feedback for every exam. Some of the question checking afterwards is marking my answers wrong.

Also I can’t find anywhere on the internet. If I need to install etcdctl during the CKA exam, am I able to navigate to Releases · etcd-io/etcd · GitHub for instructions on how to install? Or is there another location I can find those instructions or do I need to remember how to install?

I also agree we need more than 10 minutes to renew answers.


No it is not like this. It will gradually improve. 10 mins is just sufficient to review one wrong question. It doesn’t give option to download the solution to wrong questions. Also it doesn’t even show the solution to right questions as there may be a better or shorter way to do it.

It is practically not usable because after spending 2 hrs on exam if you can’t review what is the point of trying it again.

Please help with the speedy resolution of this issue

The team is working on updating the review time.



I just took practice test 8 and there is question about running a local web server and attaching it to a k8 service. endpoints were not covered in the udemy course. I can’t seem to find an example endpoint yaml anywhere in the kubernetes documentation.

I created a endpoint slice which should have been the right answer