Two or more Tasks daily?

Can we get tasks more frequently as currently? As most of them can be completed in 15 mins I wouldn’t mind if we could get 2-4 tasks daily depending on each user profile. Not sure if 4 tasks would work for all my colleagues but 2 should be manageable, shouldn’t they ?


What I observed currently is that once we complete a task, the next one is only assigned 24hrs - 36hrs after we complete the previous one. Which means that at most people are getting 5 new tasks every week.

I agree with @andrzej the frequency should increase as most of us can handle more than this.

@mmumshad: Any chance to consider that ?

I agree with @andrzej and feel the same way, the frequency should be more than the present.
I am not aware how tasks are being assigned, but if possible task could be assigned as soon as we complete one, so that each individual can work and complete at their own pace.

I agree with @andrzej

I just asked the same question in another thread. I think tasks can be assigned a little more frequently than what it is currently. But I would also like all my v-colleagues :wink: to understand that KKE course is all about spending time and doing things again and again and not just about completing tasks.

I would like @mmumshad to consider the following:

  1. Giving at least one task a day, irrespective of completion as long as the acount is not marked out of office.
  2. Provide second task as soon as the first one is completed for the day. This should be the last question of the day irrespective of being done or not. If not done.

I second the topic in the thread.

I think also that it would be highly beneficial that a new task gets assigned as soon as one is completed.

I agree to this :+1:

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Please increase the # of daily tasks. Was hoping to put a few hours a day into honing my skills. Was very pleased with the first task. Coming from a Windows background this is great for increasing understanding of linux. And loved that I had to actually look up the project documentation to figure it out.

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