Trouble Accessing Jenkins Configuration Page (KodeKloud Engineer Task 1 - 1 Jenkins Installation))

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out for some help with the first task in the KodeKloud Engineer (Task 1 - Jenkins Installation), specifically the part where we install Jenkins via YUM.

I successfully installed Jenkins using yum, but when I try to access the configuration page in my web browser, nothing happens. The browser seems stuck, like it can’t load the resources.

I’ve attached a screenshot to illustrate the problem.

Being a pro yearly subscriber, I’m eager to keep moving through the course and learn from the materials. This issue is holding me back from completing the first task.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any insights or troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated. I’m happy to provide any additional information or assist in any way to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Neamul Kabir Emon

You just have to wait for Jenkins to load. It’s a big Java Application so takes time before it is ready.

Hey al1, thanks for your help and I really appreciate it!

I appreciate your suggestion about waiting for Jenkins to load. I actually waited for 45 minutes after installing it on the server, but as you can see in the attached screenshots, the configuration page is still stuck.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • Waiting for 45 minutes

To help troubleshoot further, could you suggest any additional steps? Additionally, any insights into why the initial load time might be so long would be appreciated.

Thanks, Neamul

Oh 45 minutes is a long time to wait. Did you refresh the page at all? I would wait up to 5 minutes for Jenkins to load.

I just redid the first part of the task and after 15 minutes of installing updates, I was able to get Jenkins running right away. I followed these instructions (you need to install wget first):
Linux (

I found the container to be slow. I’ve asked the team why this is.

Greetings, al1! I appreciate your help. I have finally completed the task. The issue was caused by JDK Jenkins dependency