Traffic Mesh -> Virtual Services

At the lecture about Virtual Services she said: Istio control plane applies the new configuration to all the Envoy sidecar proxies. Is it correct? I think Virtual Services together Gateway object applies the new configuraton to the Envoy Istio Ingress Gateway.

Understanding Istio Ingress Gateway in Kubernetes - blog. - maybe the this article is too old.

Hi @clederson

I think what is meant here by “Istio control plane” are the actual services that control the operation of Istio. Virtual Services and Gateways are simply resources, which are no more than specifications stored in the etcd database.

It is the control loops for Istio that actually enact any configuration based on changes to the resource definitions - more specifically the pilot service running in the istiod pod. This will see changes to virtual services and gateways and push the required configuration updates to the envoy sidecars and/or the ingress/egress gateway controllers (pods running in istio-system namespace), whose job it is to implement the policy defined by the resources.