Tomcat server configuration

Hi Guys, I already configure and deploy the app on the tomcat server but the task it show as failed, please advice on what could happen.

Can you please share the Error message?
Error message will help others to give you some pointers.

Thank you.

Hi @hasmukhrathod thank you for your quick response.

Below is the error:

Thank you in advance for your help!


Thank you for sharing the error message.
They may have asked you to configure tomcat on a particular port.
Had you configured it according to the requirement?

Yes, they asked to configure and specific port 8087 and yes changed over server.xml and restarted the service.

@bladimirh seems like you deployed it outside default context path. See in URL you have defined /ROOT however it should work on / directly.

Hi @Inderpreet, Thank you for your answer, yes actually I did not ready anywhere in question to deploy on the default context, so I deploy it over a /root context.

This is still a fail or I have the chance to re-execute the task and deploy it over the default context?


Marked it Success for you. I will update the description in the question. Thanks!!

Hi @Inderpreet and @hasmukhrathod Thank you so much, have a nice day